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Assessing Paediatric Trainee Knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

This project aimed to evaluate North West paediatric trainee knowledge of ACEs, how to screen for them and how to manage children with high ACE scores.

Following the data collection and analysis, the study found that paediatric trainees' understanding and knowledge of ACEs in the North West was very poor. This highlighted the need for further teaching around ACEs and trauma informed care. Currently this is being developed with the hope to integrate further teaching into the regional paediatric teaching programme. 

The study was submitted and invited for a virtual podium presentation at Manchester Medical Society's Paediatric AGM. The study was well received and was awarded first prize! An abstract of the study has also been accepted for review and publication in the BACCH (British Association Community Child Health) News. 

The hope is to further expand this study to see if the results found in the North West are replicated in other regions of the UK- potentially highlighting the need for greater emphasis on this area of the national paediatric training curriculum.


Lead Trainee: Dr Rhianna Netherton

Supervisor: Dr Elaine Burfitt

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