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Preg-CoV study - chance to help with national research study

We have a great opportunity for 2-3 NW paediatric trainees to get involved with the Preg-CoV study: a multi-centre UK study looking into COVID-19 vaccines and their impact on maternal, foetal, and infant health.

The team at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester needs some clinicians to undertake a very small number of examinations of 12-month-olds. The total number of examinations is only 10 over a 9-month period. Each examination would only take 15-30 minutes and will be in normal working hours. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see how big trials work, get some experience, something for the CV and also £25 per examination.

Appointments will be arranged in advance so trainees know when they would need to be available. If you would like to be involved and on the delegation log then please get in touch within the next week. If we have high demand for these roles then we will choose based on trainee suitability so please provide a couple of lines saying why you'd like to do this.

Please get in touch with any questions and if you would like to be involved:


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