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Healthy Volunteers needed for RADicA Study

Are you available to help as a healthy volunteer for this study? Please see below from Laura Healy from the RADicA research team.

RADicA (Rapid Access to Diagnostics of Asthma) is a study looking at improving asthma diagnosis in adults and children > 5years. We are doing this by collecting data on lung function tests currently recommended by NICE guidance for diagnosis of asthma (Spirometry, Bronchodilator Reversibility, FENO) and some more novel tests of lung function (Multiple Breath Washout, Impulse Oscillometry, PeXA, Volatile Organic compounds). We need healthy volunteers to compare their result to symptomatic patients and help establish what normal parameters for these tests may be. Alongside lung function we also offer skin prick testing and blood tests.

Healthy volunteers would be asked to attend two appointments (first - around two hours, second - around one hour) to complete as many of these tests as possible. As a thank you for their time, we offer volunteers a £50 payment.

Ideally over the summer holiday I would like to collect as much healthy volunteer data as possible, specifically with children as not to disrupt school. We can try and book families at the same time if siblings or parents want to complete the study as well.

If you are interested, please get in touch: or


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