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Excellent Publications in the field of Paediatric Oncology by NW paediatric trainee!

Congratulations to another NW paediatric trainee, Dr Colin Thorbinson, on his work that has recently been published in Clinical Genetics! You can read about the first reported malignancy associated with Cockayne syndrome here:

You can also read his review on the most common childhood malignant brain tumours, recently published in Cancers. It details the molecular landscape, current trial-based standards of care, novel treatments being explored and future challenges for the management of these malignancies.

Colin and the team have also written a great approach to oncological abdominal masses that will be useful for all clinicians - it presents an initial diagnostic framework and suggested management plan for children presenting with an abdominal mass:

The team have also published their results from a prospective cohort study which measured neutrophil function in paediatric patients with oncological disease. They found that these patients had decreased neutrophil phagocytic oxidation compared to healthy controls. The full text can be read here:

Such amazing work in the field of paediatric oncology - well done to Colin and team! It's so good to see so much high-quality paediatric research going on in the North West - If you have a project idea or would like help getting involved in research, check out our 'Get Involved' page!


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