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Deadline Approaching for Big Research Funding Opportunity!

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity is inviting project grant applications for paediatric studies focusing on complex or rare diseases. The national funding call is available to all independent researchers in the UK, with particular interest in supporting projects from early career researchers!

All projects must aim to improve understanding of the disease or to improve outcomes for the affected child. Proposals will be expected to have the potential to lead to new medical developments or improved healthcare.

Total costs of up to £250,000 per application will be considered, for a maximum project duration of three years. Funding will be provided for the direct costs of research (such as research staff and consumables) but will not cover consultant programmed activities, the salary time of the Principal Investigator/team leader, nor may it be applied towards PhD studentships.

Deadline for outline applications: Wednesday, 7 July 2021 at 5 PM

Further information about the grant funding, including how to make an application, can be found on:

Good luck!


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