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Calling all trainees interested in Neonates!

Due to our rotational training patterns, it can be difficult to initiate and/or contribute to meaningful large-scale research projects. The NeoTRIPS group is trying to make this process easier by offering the opportunity for trainees to put themselves forward as local hospital lead for neonatal-related research projects. The selected local trainee lead would receive updates about current and future neonatal research projects being run by the NeoTRIPS group and would be responsible for collecting and contributing their local unit's data into these projects. This contribution would be acknowledged in subsequent publications and there is the option for local trainees to bring their own ideas for future projects to the NeoTRIPs group who will consider these for national dissemination.

The next research project to launch is going to be related to Probiotic use in NICU. Probiotics are being widely rolled out in Neonatology across the UK, yet there is still a lot of controversy regarding their use. The last national UK survey was back in 2018 (Duffield et al) and since then several national recommendations have changed to promote their use (such as GIRFT in 2022). There is no clear-cut evidence supporting the type, duration and timing of neonatal probiotics and it is thought all units may be adopting them differently, thus adding to the long-term challenges of establishing whether they improve important outcomes such as NEC. For the local trainee lead this would involve completion of a survey related to probiotic practice on your unit. This project will be launching in Sept 2022.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in a career in Neonatology and/or research.

If you would like to be your current hospital's local trainee lead from September then please email with your name, your grade, your email and which hospital you will be working at from September 2022.


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