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2021/22 Clinical Research Fellow Awards

Are you interested in gaining invaluable experience in research part time for up to five months?

Research and Innovation (R&I) at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) have just announced funding for Clinical Research Fellows across the whole Trust, looking to support the delivery of NIHR CRN Portfolio adopted clinical research.

They are offering up to 0.5 WTE pay for up to 5 months ending in March 2022. This would be to support vaccine trials and/or gain research experience in your chosen specialty. The explicit purpose of the award is to support protected research time for the delivery of clinical research which is already open and recruiting at MFT.

This is an exciting opportunity for a doctor to gain experience in clinical research delivery, potentially across a broad portfolio of clinical research. The award holder(s) will be given protected time to work on NIHR CRN Portfolio adopted clinical research and will be expected to be available to support the delivery of that research. This may involve assistance with screening, consent, prescription of investigational medicinal products, monitoring and follow-up of research participants and assessment of adverse events.

Award holders will receive support and supervision from the principal investigator(s) of the studies that they are working on. Award holders will be supported to undertake Good Clinical Practice training if required. Any additional training needs will be identified and agreed upon commencing the post.

Note - for this post, you need to be an employee at MFT with authorisation from your clinical lead for being released for the time requested in the application. If you are in a training post, then you will require authorisation for this out of programme experience from your Head of School/Training Programme Director. You should identify a mentor in your chosen specialty who is already delivering NIHR CRN Portfolio adopted clinical research that you could support.

If anyone would like help in applying, please do get in touch with us here at PRIME and we would be happy to help!

Application form is attached below - please send the form or any queries to

Deadline: 8am on 4th October 2021

MFT Clinical Research Fellow application form September 2021 Final
Download DOCX • 43KB


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